Vintage & manual lens photography


Ever since I bought my first manual-focusing lens I got hooked on working without auto-focus. Inevitably that led me also into the world of vintage lenses. 

In fact, working with vintage and manual focusing lenses had such a profound impact on my work as a photographer that it changed my entire approach to photography forever. You can read more about this in my article: How manual-focus & vintage lenses made me a better photographer.

In the following, you can find my musings about manual-focus & vintage lenses:


Ogoh Ogoh in Bali

In this article, you can some great examples of Balinese Ogoh-Ogoh figures. As well as some background information about the origin and purpose of this wonderful Balinese tradition.

Pasar Pagi – early morning in Bali

A set of night photographs from Bali’s largest traditional wet market. Photographed with the fastest prime lenses – the MITAKON 50 mm / f 0.95 and KERLEE 35 mm / f 1.2

Practicing with HELIOS 40-2 lens

  PRACTICING WITH MY HELIOS 40-2 VINTAGE LENS   At this moment the HELIOS 40-2, manual-focusing lens with 85 mm focal length and a max aperture of f 1.5 is probably my favorite vintage lens. And an ideal companion for slow photography (the lens is somewhat...

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