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In my very early days of my career as an interior photographer in Bali I had lots of opportunity to hone my skills.

Which eventually led me to be hired by some of Indonesia’s largest property developers. The assignments as a interior photographer brought me to places like Jakarta, Surabaya, Palembang and even as far as Irian Jaya / Papua.

The biggest challenge for interior photography in my experience is to wait and plan for the right moment.

And this moment is usually very early in the morning around sunrise and again during sunset.

You may ask what does interior photography have to do with sunrise and sunset if I am anyway photographing indoors. A lot !

Because usually windows are part of interior photographs and for most of the day the light outside is so much stronger making what can be seen through the windows be all white.

Whereas for impactful interior photography the outside light needs to be already pretty low so that what can been seen indoors and what can be seen through the window balance well.

I also was very fortunate that during my assignments as an interior photographer in Indonesia I could work with very good interior designers. Because without good design and décor interior photography cannot look good.

Most of the photos below were done in show-units which my client’s had prepared to target their audiences.

What also I like very much about working as an interior photographer is working with wide and ultrawide lenses.

Enough of me rambling about being an interior photographer in Indonesia. Let’s see some photographs, shall we:


Interior Photographer Indonesia

Interior Photography for CITRARAYA Surabaya

Foto interior Indonesia

Interior Photography for CITRARAYA in Surabaya

Fotografer interior Indonesia

Interior Design photos for CIPUTRA Group Palembang

Interior Photographer Jakarta

Interior Photography for CIPUTRA Group Jakarta

Interior Photography Indonesia

interior photography for modern Indonesian housing

Interior Photographers Indonesia

modern living room in Indonesia


The challenges of interior photography


It is worth noting is that interior photography requires a lot of post-production and editing. It is not uncommon that all work that goes into post pro can take several hours. Fortunately, I enjoy honing photographs to perfection and applying all the tricks to make the photos look as good as they can.

Also, let me share a little secrete about interior photography with you. Never believe those photos. A good interior photographer can make scenes appear much better than they are in reality. But I guess that not only holds true for interior photography but for more or less all advertising related photography.

Otherwise anyone with a cell phone camera could do such photographs… Whether such cell phone camera photos would achieve the desired impact in marketing and sale is something I leave you to ponder.


Interior Photographer in Indonesia

A sleeping room – photography for the CIPUTRA group Indonesia

Interior Photographers Indonesia

Photography modern Indonesia housing

Interior Photographer Bali

Living room – kitchen

Interior Photographers Bali

Interior design in Indonesia

Fotografer interior villa Bali

sleeping room interior

Fotografer Bali interior

a modern living room in Indonesia

Bali fotografer interrior

luxurious living in Indonesia

Bali interior photographer

modern housing in Sumatera – Indonesia

Bali interior photographers

living room of Indonesian modern house

Interior photography for Airbnb hosts


The following is somewhat a rant. I am myself a very frequent user of Airbnb accommodations around the world.

And I am constantly amazed how many Airbnb hosts get it wrong when it comes to showing their properties in the best possible way.

How can they not be realizing that it is foremost the photographs that make the difference between selling and not selling?

To me it is a little bit like going to a date with the partner of your dreams and not dressing up at all, or worse not even having a shower before that all-important first date.

Airbnb hosts around the world let me give you the following piece of advice. Invest in getting good interior photographs of your place. That investment may seem steep at first, but it will pay back in no time.

I am not trying to sell you my services as an Airbnb photographer – for most of you my rates may well be beyond your budget. But if you don’t have the budget look around there are many upcoming photographs who are willing and happy to photograph your Airbnb property.

And as I said: it will make all the difference.


Best Bali interior photographers

Interior photograph of modern Indonesian house

interior photographers in Bali

View of the interior of an Indonesian house

Best Interior Photographer Indonesia

modern living in Indonesia

Best Interior Photographers Indonesia

Interior view of modern Indonesian house

property photographer Indoesia

modern living in Indonesia

It’s been quite a while since I did my last assignments as an interior photographer in Indonesia. Because during the last few years I was too busy with other projects.

However, I truly look forward to more projects in this challenging domain.


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