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Over the years I have photographed some of Bali’s most spectacular villas and holiday accommodations. As Bali villa photographer I had the privilege to see some really special places. 


What I also find very gratifying is the dress code that is required to work as Bali villa photographer. Which is: Bathers ! Who else can work in his bathers and have a good time while working? One has to be very

One has to be very patient though ! Why ? 

Because getting naturally good looking photographs of villas and estates in Bali is all about having the ideal light. And often it is only for 10 minutes during a day that the sunlight falls ideally into a room. 

But before I ramble on too much about my work as a Bali villa photographer let’s see some images first, shall we ?


Bali villas photographer

Villa Sahita in Seseh – exterior view

Villa Photographer Bali

White’s Residence – view of the Gazebo

Property Photographer Bali

Villa Sahita – beach front living

Bali villa photographer

Dinner table with a 1 Million Dollar view

Interior photographer Bali

White’s residence – master bedroom

Photos of Bali villa interiors

White’s residence – master bedroom – another view

The work of villa photographer in Bali is:


It is somewhat meditative. Because I am usually alone with my team and can work very concentrated and without distractions. To get the best shots a good set designer is also very important. Most of my clients had their own set designer, often the villa’s manager. But in other cases, I brought my own team to ensure a perfect setup.

Villa photography in Bali is often about exaggerating. Making things look even better than they really are. After all, those photographs are always used for some sort of advertising purposes. And we all know that advertising likes to exaggerate. I happily conspire in this plot because it is a nice challenge for me to make a photo look even better than reality. 

For that to happen it is not only vital to get the perfect angle and the perfect light. But also a lot of the magic happens afterward in post-production. Where the photographs are honed to perfection. A process that takes usually more time than the actual villa photography. 

Shall we see some more photographs ? 


White's residence at dawn

Dawn at the White’s residence

Living room

living room veranda at the White’s residence

Detail view of living room

detail view

Bedroom at White's residence

Guest bedroom at White’s residence

half indoor - half outdoor

Bali living at is best – half indoor – half outdoor

The equipment of a Bali villa photographer


To get the perfect photographs the perfect equipment is vital. I, therefore, come to every villa shoot with an assortment of at least 3 cameras and 6-8 high-end lenses. Included in every shoot is also lighting equipment, but less than you may think. Because natural light looks always best. 


A good and stable tripod is also a must. Many of my Bali villa photographs are done with long exposure techniques. Or even in HDR. Of course, I also bring backup equipment. I am always accompanied by at least one assistant. Often my wife. And sometimes I also bring one or more of my children. No, not to help me. But to see dad at work. And why not ?

And I suppose the freedom of working surrounded by family makes my work as a Bali villa photographer even more gratifying. And inspiring as well. 

A few more photographs of Bali’s fantastic villas:


Commercial Photographer Bali

Pool view

Properti fotografer Bali

A villa at the Four Seasons

Fotografer villa Bali

Holiday villa in Canggu

Villa fotografer Bali

Villa front with pool

foto villa Bali

a kitchen for a change…

design photographer Bali

bedroom at a Bali villa

Best Interiror fotografer Bali

Bali holiday villa

Bali fotografer interior

what a view…


I hope you have enjoyed viewing some of my work as a Bali villa photographer. If you want me to photograph your villa in Bali please drop me a line. 

Truly’ – DOMINIK

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