Who is this DOMINIK PHOTOGRAPHER guy anyway?


I have been a commercial and wedding photographer based in Bali, Indonesia for over 12 years.

This website is created for you ! ðŸ™‚

This website is meant more like a magazine than a just a glorified portfolio website. Of course, the main purpose is to show you photographs.

First and foremost, I want to:

● Entertain you

● Show you interesting photographs

● Inspire you

● Share some stories with you

And for the photographers amongst you I offer some suggestions and advice for you to become a better photographer


I highly recommend that you sign up for my newsletter.

Because I am regularly putting in new content and would like to notify you once, new stories and photos have been added.


Not every picture speaks a thousand words


My website, is different from thousands of other photographers’ websites. It has stories!

I do not share the belief that photographs speak for themselves.

In my opinion most photographs don’t.

By combining a few photographs with a story, it all becomes much more interesting than looking at mute photographs.

On this website, I share with my sometimes controversial views of the world, my beliefs, and observations about a place I have been and things I have photographed.


‘Nuff said. I strongly encourage you to get in touch with me. Share your thoughts, comment on my photographs and stories. And please let me know if there is something I can do for you.

Oh, and if you have come here to see my wedding work I am sorry to let you down. While I occasionally make reference to my work as a wedding photographer you will not see any weddings or pre-wedding photographs on this website.

Why is that so ? Because I have two other websites that are exclusive to my wedding and pre-wedding / engagement work.

If you want to see my wedding work please head over to: 



Explore and enjoy.



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