There is something magical about the light the moon emits during the full moon period. The way it falls onto Baliโ€™s spectacular shorelines and how it illuminates the sea at night create images with a very high visual impact.

Only every 28 days there is the right light for maybe 2-3 hours to capture such photographs. However, it also needs to be cloudless sky and perfect conditions.

All the photos were created around midnight. Most of the time the conditions were not right. But on 2 or 3 occasions all was perfect for the pictures you see in the following:




All fine-art photographs from the MOONSCAPES series:

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The Story behind the photographs


The challenge with moon-lit photography is to have perfect conditions. Those are a cloudless sky, no light pollution, and a rather rough sea.

I had to be on location countless times and only on a few occasions I was able to capture the kind of photographs I was looking for.

Several hundred photos had been made and only very few were โ€˜keepersโ€™

I may add that one photograph has won me a BRONZE AWARD award from CREATIVE ASIA.

How could I get inside the Calicies of flowers with my camera ?

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